How to have fun this summer without breaking the bank

October 24, 2018

By Brooke Stevenson

Summer is fast approaching, and the excitement is real, but I understand it can be daunting trying to make the most of your summer on a budget. Especially as a Uni student, we have like 4 months of holidays to get through (I don’t even want to think about the amount of money I’m going to blow in that time). So, my advice would be to start planning, so you can get the most out of your summer!

Get a summer job.
Unfortunately, summer can’t just be about having fun until Uni starts. It’s probably smart to have a part-time or full-time job to keep you going through the summer break. By getting a job, you’ll be achieving two things; keeping yourself busy (cause lets be real, a 4 month break is a long time to be doing nothing) and you’ll be making money! It’s a win-win really!

Tag along on family holidays.
I don’t know about you, but my family does a camping trip every summer. So, I always plan around it (free week away, out of Auckland, you’d be silly not too.) And of course, it’s good to have some family time because life can get very busy. If you don’t live in Auckland, then going home to visit your family is the perfect excuse to escape and catch up with your loved ones!

Buy now, think later.
Now we all know big New Year’s festivals break the bank a little. It’s a bit late to follow this piece of advice, but you can always do it next year. The best thing you can do is start planning with your friends early in the year, cause the later you leave it, the more stressful and expensive it will be. So, once you’ve decided what you want to do; buy the tickets when they’re released and think about the rest later. It’s like ripping off a band aid, do it fast and don’t think about it. Spending hundreds of dollars is exactly that, just do it, don’t think about it and deal with the rest later! (Classic student mentality).

Day Trips.
Not everyone has the time or money to do big extravagant holidays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your summer! NZ is full of amazing beaches and secret spots that need to be explored! Get your group of friends together or your family, pick a destination, then get up early and spend the day in the sun! For us poor students, this is definitely doable. All you really need to spend money on is gas (which let’s be real quite possibly will break the bank but spilt amongst friends it shouldn’t be to pricey) and snacks, can’t forget the snacks.

Above all else, just explore! Go on walks when you can, go to your local beach, spend your day under the sun. You don’t necessarily need to be doing anything to enjoy your summer. Spend days relaxing, catching up on work, tidying your room, washing your car. You will have nothing to worry about when you have time off over the summer, so use it to catch up on things you don’t have the time to keep on top of during the year. Get things in order going into the new working year, it’s the perfect time to feel refreshed and re-energised!

Enjoy your summer!


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