Maintaining motivation through exams!

October 19, 2018

By Brooke Stevenson

As the end of the year approaches and exams are nearing, it’s more important than ever to stay motivated as we make it to the final stages of the year. Maintaining a motivated and positive mindset can be difficult when stress levels are high but having a negative mindset is only going to make it harder to remain focused.

When exams get closer, most people resort to studying from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep, with very little breaks. Although you might think this is an efficient way to cover as much ground as possible, it’s not.

Overloading your brain with 12 weeks’ worth of knowledge can become overwhelming, especially if you aren’t rewarding yourself with breaks to let that information absorb.

There are a few ways you can take a break that won’t lead to you wasting 3 hours watching your favourite Netflix show…

  • Go on a walk, run, meditate, kick the footy around. Basically, just get outside and stretch your body and relax your mind. Get your endorphins going in some light exercise, this will help you focus when you come back to study.
  • Eat brain food! It’s important to fuel your body with food that’s going to give you energy.
  • Study with friends, sometimes confiding in each other about how stressed you are and helping each other when you’re stuck is therapeutic and reminds you that everyone else is in the same boat.
  • Lastly, don’t forget that this stress won’t last forever. You’ll be enjoying your Summer antics in no time.

So good luck as you push through these last few weeks! Stay motivated and remain positive, it will all be worth it!


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